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Activity: Snorkel

Duration: Full day tour

Difficulty: Moderate

Group size: 10 guests max.

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Kicker Rock (León Dormido)

San Cristobal Island

One of San Cristobal’s main attractions is Kicker Rock (often referred to by its Spanish name: León Dormido), a rock formation close to the coast, which like its name says, resembles a sea lion. The Kicker Rock snorkel tour boats leave the port at 9h30. This is one of the best places to see hammerhead sharks, and you can also observe sea turtles, reef sharks and sometimes sea lions. The tour includes a beach visit at either Manglecito, Cerro Brujo or Playa Grande, depending on the designation of the Galapagos National Park.

Travel Time: 45 minutes – *1 hour from Puerto Baquerizo Moreno.

From $145,00 USD pp

Kicker Rock (León Dormido)

Los Túneles & Los Finados Bay

Isabela Island

The Tunnels are coastal volcanic formations which are excellent for snorkeling with reef sharks, rays, sea lions, sea turtles and sea horses, among others. The first visitor point is known locally as “Los Finados”, and here you do have a snorkelling tour. After this, you arrive at the tunnels, where you observe a lovely and capricious landscape of arches, tunnels and submarine caves. There is a brief walk to observe these rocky formations close-up, as well as the nesting of the marine birds. At this point, you do a second snorkelling activity. The tour lasts half a day. Boats depart at 7am and 11am from the village.

Travel Time: 45 minutes, from Puerto Villamil.

From $140,00 USD pp

Los Tuneles & Los Finados Bay

Santa Fe & Playa Escondida

Santa Cruz Island

Santa Fe is the ultimate destination to see Galapagos Sea Lions. Young sea lions are very friendly; they love to imitate swimmers, play and do tricks under the water and they offer unique wildlife interactions.

From $145,00 USD pp

Santa Fe & Playa Escondida

Pinzon & La Fe or Palmas Beach

Santa Cruz Island

Pinzon Island is the perfect place for snorkelling lovers. The calm crystalline waters attract both amateur and professional snorkelers.

From $160,00 USD pp

Pinzon & La Fe or Palmas Beach


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